About Tina


My name is Tina

I have been practicing in the healing arts for over ten years. The foundation of my practice is in finding the energetic, emotional and spiritual root to the cause of physical disharmony. Through self-exploration and healing I have gone forth to study and master the modalities that helped me the most through my life’s challenges. I focus on whole body integration, as we are not only our body, but a soul contained within this vessel. Our bodies are affected deeply by our emotions and the state of our spirit. Finding healing of old emotional wounds, trauma to the soul, bringing alignment to the energetic body can then bring that balance out into the physical body.  


More About Me:

I was born Christina Therese Rodriguez. My mother told me that she named me Christina after Jesus Christ, as she felt that our surviving the pregnancy was a miracle.  When she was pregnant with me, she contracted a disease of the lungs called Legionnaire’s (which was common during war time, the soldiers would breathe a black mold into their lungs). I had stopped moving and both her lungs were almost completely infected. My mother had a close connection to an order of Carmelite nuns who prayed to St. Therese of Liseux (Little Flower) who died young of tuberculosis and is a powerful intercessor for those suffering with diseases of the lungs.  We pulled through and so my mother named me after her. I feel both Jesus and St. Therese work with me in my healing sessions. 

My ancestral lineage is Aztec on both my mother and father’s side. My father’s side comes from a long line of natural healers.  My grandfather Valentin taught my father and his younger sister Celinda how to do energetic cleansings, pop bones back into place (he was what they would call a huesero. Hueso in Spanish means “bone”), massage, and had other earth-based remedies for different illnesses. My father used to give me massages and cleansings (or limpias—limpiar in Spanish means “to clean”) as I suffered with terrible neck and shoulder tension and migraines as a child.  

My mother told me that I began having migraines at the age of 2. I didn’t recall having them until they started to occur daily by the age of 4. My dad would work on me often and it would help tremendously. I attribute his nurture to always having the knowledge of the benefits of massage and energy work. 

There was one time that I had a migraine at a family function and my Tia Celinda called me to her. She placed her hand on my head like a cap. She squeezed it slightly and held it there for a little less than a minute. When she pulled her hand away, the headache was gone. I was amazed! I looked down at my hands thinking, “Well if we’re related, then I can do that too.” So from then on, whenever I would have a headache or feel sick in any way, I would place my hands on myself to soothe/heal myself.  

The migraines never went away, but I learned how to live with them, and manage them. I lived pretty healthfully for a time until I began to notice something was off with my digestion in college. I had an abnormal amount of gas and indigestion, and so I began to investigate what I might be eating that was contributing to it. I discovered that dairy was a huge factor in not digesting well. A few years later, I began to have intense cramping due to stress. At 22, I had a colonoscopy to uncover the cause for some internal bleeding. 

I had gone to a gastroenterologist to see if he had any guidance for my digestive issues. He recommended a certain pill. I asked him, “Is there anything else? Diet? Anything?” His response was astounding and really made me lose faith in Western medicine altogether:

“If you don’t want to take this pill, I don’t know how I can help you.”  

It was at that point that I decided to see what else I needed to eliminate from my diet to help myself. At the time that all this was going on, I had also begun seeing a psychiatrist for depression, anxiety and was diagnosed with ADD. I was medicated for that disorder which exacerbated my depression and anxiety. It shifted my appetite and the medication began to wear on my digestive tract.  I had lost a lot of weight. I wasn’t receiving the appropriate therapy in psychology either. 

When the avenue of Western medicine was causing more harm than good, I decided to take my health into my own hands. I discovered that no one knew my body better than I could, and if something was wrong, I needed to find out, and was pretty confident that my body would tell me. 

Starting with my diet was the easiest thing to do, as I knew I had full control what was going into my body. I then began to ask my body, “What is it? What’s wrong?” 

It came into my awareness that my digestive issues were attributed to “life experience gone undigested/unprocessed.”

I am a firm believer in the statement, “When the student is ready, the teacher appears,” as I was ready to know the answers to my questions around my persistent dis-eases.  

Finally surrendering to divine guidance, my teachers began to show up, and continue to as I continue on my path of healing. 

Learn more about my teachers, process and the modalities as they showed up in my life, and exactly how powerful these healing tools have been for me, and potentially can be for you.