Holographic Sound Healing


Holographic Sound Healing

All the world is sound, and everything in it responds to vibration, frequency, and energy. All things are created from sound vibration, and all things affected by it.  In sacred texts, including the Bible, in reference to creation, it is said, "First was the Word, And from the Word, All Things were created," meaning sound vibration coming into physical manifestation. 

Holographic Sound is the use of sound to heal on a multidimensional level. Sound has the capacity to expand and move beyond our three dimensional reality but for so many years has only been able to be experienced in a very linear, two dimensional way. It is only now, since ancient times, that we are able to hold the true nature and fullest vibration of sound and music. 

We are energy, vibration, frequency contained in a vessel: our human body. Whenever we experience dis-ease, we are literally vibrating out of tune. Every body is different and vibrates at a different frequency. Sound is a powerful and effective way to bring the body back into balance. When we are experiencing pain or disharmony on a physical level, it has already happened on an energetic level first and moved out into the body. This disharmony can also happen on a mental, emotional and spiritual level. Getting to the root of the disharmony through the setting of intention to release it, creates the space to bring in new energy. 

In a holographic sound healing session, I use high vibration crystal singing bowls and my voice to bring in specifically for the person the tones and frequencies that are in the highest good for his/her healing. No sound is premeditated but intuited for each individual.

 I channel sound and language from the Angelic realm, Ascended Masters, Star beings (Pleiades, Arcturus, Sirius, etc), Mother Earth and her animal and elemental spirits, Interdimensional beings including the Hathors among others. Through the Hathors, I call upon the energies of Ancient Egyptian Alchemy (the activation of sacred geometry in conjunction with sound frequency) to balance the whole body. The sound frequencies put me in a trance state to be able to channel and intuit past life information as well as intuit other connections to disharmony (i.e. genetic/ancestral lineage, and other roots to discord within the bodies.)

We have all more than likely had the experience of listening to music and having it change our mood/emotional state. Sound has the power to make great shifts in one's overall health and well being, even one's life! The power of sound has been present for millennia, used in ancient civilizations and throughout time for healing. 

I am humbled to be able to be a conduit for the sounds that can bring about the highest good in health and healing for whoever experiences it. It has profoundly changed my life and has the potential to change yours. 

Rates: 150/hr, 225/90min, 300/2hr

Outcall fee: $25+ depending on location