Crystal Healing


The earth provides the medicine we need. More and more we are seeing what the earth creates by way of plants that have the healing benefits for certain ailments. Deep within the earth, born in molten rock, crystals form. All over the world, various crystals form, each having their own medicinal qualities.  The energy they emit helps to balance and align all the systems of the body. 

If an individual feels out of balance in any way, or wants enhancement of any quality, there is a crystal that can assist.  

In a session, the crystals are chosen intuitively to open the energy centers that govern what’s out of alignment, clear the old frequency and bring in a new energy.  


My Experience with Crystals

I have been drawn to crystals my whole life. I remember being around 11 when I acquired my first stones. From a young age I enjoyed wearing larger rings with big crystals. I would adorn myself with rose quartz (for heart healing), turquoise (always my favorite, for creative expression), tigers eye (for releasing fear and anxiety) and amethyst (for connection to Spirit and psychic protection). Now as an adult, and having a greater understanding of these stones, my intuition guided me to the stones I needed, even in my youth.

Later, when I graduated from college, I moved home to San Antonio, TX and began working at a bead store called Nomadic Notions. The store sold gemstone beads and other jewelry making supplies. We repaired and made jewelry. It was a wonderful place to be surrounded by the healing power of crystals, and learn more about how they could be used as medicine. 

I had just been attuned to Reiki and my Reiki Master, Tobey Clayton, had given me an assignment to make a necklace using Reiki.  I didn’t quite know what that meant, but what I found was that I had a heightened sense of intuition in moving energy through the use of crystals. I set an intention for what I wanted in healing results through crystals. Grounding, heightened creativity and expression. Intuitively I had incorporated the symbols that bring in love and magnified energy, and the crystals I chose (without knowing their properties until afterward) were perfectly aligned with my intentions.  So excited for this gift, I began then to incorporate crystals in all of my sessions, and also offer custom jewelry using stones that suited the client’s needs. 

I place crystals on the body of the person or under the treatment table during a session.  I also intuit crystals to acquire to assist one in their process. 

There is a crystal for everything!  Depending on what you need, a crystal can be chosen to wear, keep in your pocket, or place in your home or workspace. Crystals assist in activating, clearing, and healing in all areas of life: physically, emotionally, spiritually and energetically. I have found crystals to be one of the easiest to attune to when it comes to vibrational medicine. 

When seeking what crystal you may need, let yourself be guided. The crystal often chooses you. Go into a rock shop and ask what you may need. You may be surprised at what you find! I frequently discover that what I merely find as pretty, shiny, or having an interesting quality drawing my attention is really the stone telling me that it wants to work with me to help with a particular issue or bring an enhancement of something I am wanting to cultivate. 

If you want assistance in intuiting a crystal for your health and healing, I would be honored to help! I can simply choose a stone, or make a piece of beaded or wire wrapped jewelry attuned to what is specifically calling your spirit. 

I am excited to share with you the incredible healing power of crystals!